“YAY!” Connie Pierce’s New Book

I just finished reading my friend Connie’s new book My Journey of Real Life Weight Loss: How I lost over 180 Pounds. It’s a quick and easy read, but, boy, does it pack a punch! I read it the same day I attended a local kindergarten graduation here in Mexico. Both events brought home to me the importance families play in forming the concepts we carry of ourselves. Now that’s a field fertile for discussion. Don’t we all have stories?! I shared some of mine in the last chapter of Virgin Territory. The responses I received ranged from “Yay!” to “Yikes!” When we start speaking from that Inner Guadalupe place, it is bound to make some people uncomfortable.

In her book Connie has raised a Guadalupe cry of pure honesty She tells a personal saga so many can relate to – the constant self-condemnation, self-depreciation, and heartbreak that comes when we judge ourselves by what others think – or even what we think others may be thinking. How she broke free of that imposition is the most important part of this book. Her sense of self-esteem came first. It wasn’t a reward for losing weight. For those who are ready to change their thought as well as their bodies, Connie offers a whole different mirror for self-examination. I for one want to give her a resounding, “YAY!”

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