Out standing in our fields, leaving footprints in the furrows

I just finished reading my friend Connie’s new book My Journey of Real Life Weight Loss: How I lost over 180 Pounds. Unlike the process she went through, the book is  a quick and easy read. But yikes!  Does it ever pack a punch! I happened to read it the same day I attended a local kindergarten graduation here in Mexico. Earnest young dads guided even younger madres with mud clinging to their achy-breaky high heels across a rain-soaked field to watch their offspring — four-year-olds dressed to the nines — promenade and receive certificates. Have a look and read more.

Both events brought home to me the importance families play in forming the concepts we carry of ourselves. Now that’s a muddy field if ever there was one. Don’t we all have stories?! I shared some of mine in the last chapter of Virgin Territory. The responses I received ranged from “Yay!” to “Yikes!” (or something sort of like that.) The fact is, when we start speaking from that Inner Guadalupe place, the terrain can get sticky. Opinions as to family history can vary widely. As Connie points out, “In the end it is our individual thought about something that gives it validation.”

But in her book I hear a Guadalupe cry of pure honesty. She tells a personal saga so many can relate to – the constant self-condemnation, self-depreciation, and heartbreak that comes when we judge ourselves by what others think – or even what we think others might be thinking. How Connie broke free of that imposition and made a bee-line straight for her original Creator is the most important part of her story. Her sense of self-esteem came first. It wasn’t a reward for losing weight. That’s the true and proper order for results that last forever. That goes for so much more than just weight loss, right?

For those who are ready to change their thought as well as their bodies, Connie offers a whole different mirror for self-examination. She’s a pioneer in “virgin territory” of her own. I for one want to give her a resounding, “YAY!”

2 responses to “Out standing in our fields, leaving footprints in the furrows

  1. Thaddeus Dombrowski

    Hi. I’m visiting my Mom in Georgetown. I would have come to your talk at the bookstore if I had known about it. I saw a poster for it the next day.

    I haven’t yet read your memoire. It looks interesting, though.

    BTW, I wanted to follow the link that says, “Have a look and read more.” It doesn’t work. 😦

    • Thaddeus, I’m so sorry you didn’t get the word in time. If you live in the North Texas, Dallas area, I’ll be there from September 9 – 13. Check my website under events — I’ll be at Art Six in Denton, The Leaves in Richardson, Cafe Metaphysics in Dallas, and a Saturday afternoon reception in Denton. Give me your email, and I’ll send you details! Susan

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