Guadalupe — with Wings

I’m headed for Texas and a lot of memories. If you’ve read VT, you know that’s where I grew up. It’s also where I “earned my wings,” literally! Midland, Texas was where I got my private pilot’s license in a single-engine Piper. Wide flat plains and lots of empty sky. I also flew a sail plane out of the smaller airport in Odessa, under the tutelage of an over-eighty pilot named Roy Schlemeyer. They later named the airfield after him. Husband Larry has Air Force memories of Texas. He went through basic training in San Antonio and I met him when he was stationed at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock. There are lots of flying stories associated with Texas, but recently a friend shared with me this one about WWII WASPs. It’s a doozy — one that speaks to anyone interested in bringing out her Inner Guadalupe, in the air or on the ground.  

The website is only the beginning of the information and the story.  Two memoirs were published:  WE WERE WASPS by Winifred Wood and GIRLS OF AVENGER  by Alyce Stevens Rohrer.   In July the Bird Aviation Museum in North Idaho hosted an event honoring these  women.  The amazing story is highlighted on the Bird Aviation Museum’s web site.

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