Heading to Texas and Dallas Morning News has good press for Mexico

Seems I just got back from Texas, and I’m headed there again. This time it’s to Dallas and vicinity.  I had a great time in the Texas Hill Country during the last days of August. Growing up in Lubbock, we always headed for Colorado, not to the heart of the State for our vacations. I was enthralled to see what FUN that part of Texas could be! What was the primary summer activity there? INNER tubing on the GUADALUPE River.  No wonder I felt at home!

Just in time for my trip back to my home state, Steve Blow wrote a great article in the Dallas Morning News about getting to know the REAL Mexico. Wanted to give him a shout out. Those of us who love Mexico and its people need to speak up and publish!

Have a look at the Events Page. Hope to see YOU at one of them!

One response to “Heading to Texas and Dallas Morning News has good press for Mexico

  1. Hey Susan: I’m looking forward to catching one of your talks while you are in the D area! And I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Perhaps, if you aren’t too in demand, we can grab a meal together or at least a coffee after the talk? Have you a place to stay and transportation?
    I totally agree with you about Steve Blow’s column. I rejoiced to see it. Because it is true.
    See you soon!
    Hugs, Honor

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