Saying YES strikes a chord

The advantage of being on the road and talking with live audiences is I get to look in people’s faces and see what makes their eyes light up.  After pointing out that Mary (as in the mother of Jesus)  didn’t respond to the angel’s announcement with, “hmmm, let me think about this,” the concept that “Real virgins say YES” is a real turn on to my feminine listeners.  That’s a light-switch-in-your-thought kind of turn-on I’m talking about — that we each have a divine purpose, a reason for being on the planet at this time. The planet needs us to step up and say YES to our purpose, embrace it and go forward.

We need to be prepared not only mentally and spiritually for the work, but physically as well. My friend Connie Pierce lost 180 pounds when she started saying YES to her divine purpose. She’s a Virgin Territory reader. Here’s her take away….

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