Guadalupe presence Linda Norgrove killed in Afghanistan

I didn’t know Linda Norgrove. I only recognize her spirit — that of a young woman, one-in-herself, saying Yes, to the purpose to which life has called her. It was the same spirit I saw in Jill Carroll, the foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor who was kidnapped in Iraq in February, 2006. I felt so strongly about Jill, who was doing what I had always longed to do, that I started blogging — my first ever. A week later, Larry and I went on vacation to Mexico and bought the house we’re living in now.  I’m just now making the connection: Did I say Yes, because of Jill? I think I probably did.

The title of that short-lived blog — which is still alive and present — was Now, Voyager, inspired by a verse from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. The last paragraph I wrote about Jill, I could revise for Linda. My prayers DO go out for her — that her example continue inspiring young women and old.

Jill/Linda, I think of you everyday. My prayers for you go out constantly. You stayed on your course and sailed forth to do and be what I lost sight of for a while. So my prayers for you are prayers for me, as well. God, give me courage to keep sailing forth, to keep seeking and finding, no matter the reefs, waves or wrecks. We each DO make a difference when we leave the dock.

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