The Other Ocean

it’s morning on the Atlantic. I’m testing posting by email high above the palms and lagoons of Sunny Isles, Florida. George and Virginia picked us up last night,drove us through South Beach on the way home. We saw ‘The Rock’ (also known as the tooth fairy) on the middle of filming a new movie. Pool time calling!

4 responses to “The Other Ocean

  1. When I arrived home in Canada with four copies of Susan’s Virgin Terriory”, I was greeted with this website of my favorite Mexican restaurant in Victoria, B.C. Please check out the reverent references to La Virgen de Guadalupe and I didn’t have to be in Mexico.. Yes! Check out the photo and then Stuff. Yes! Yes! Thank you Susan. You are a blessing for all of us

    • Lindy! Thanks for sharing the website of this gorgeous place! I like their images and core values. The food would just be icing on the cake…or cream on the enchilada. I think I prefer the latter. So wonderful meeting you guys.

  2. I think you mean you are “at” the Atlantic, not yet “on” it. Ha! I can’t wait to hear about the cruise. What a grand adventure, and no doubt you will get to know the Atlantic. Neither “tramp” nor “innocent” abroad, what shall you be? Enjoy it all… and post often! Abrazos!

    • Well, friend, I will be “on it” today. We sail (embark? Leave the dock? What is the term to use?) today at 4:00 (16:00? X number of bells?) I may need to learn a whole new language! how DOES one manage a wristwatch when crossing the Atlantic? I’ll keep you posted!

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