But I’m also cooking…

Laura said I should keep a journal. I used to. I’ve sort of given it up these last few years. No room for self-analysis here, but one thing she did say was just GET IT DOWN. It doesn’t have to be something perfect or what you think is “worth” sharing. So at the risk of losing followers, here’s what’s in my head this minute.

OMG, I just made the most amazing pasta sauce! It starts with butter. No, not a lot, just enough to sort of dampen the package of Baby Bella mushrooms that has been haunting my fridge, and needed something done with them…you know. I sliced them up, threw away the stems, put them in a Dutch oven over low heat with the butter, a drizzle more of olive oil, some peeled garlic cloves and enough of the bottle of red wine that’s been hanging around the counter top for several days. I let them simmer and began…

Cleaning out the rest of the refrigerator. (Can you tell I’m headed away from home for a few weeks. Larry doesn’t do fresh stuff while I’m gone.) Six overripe tomatoes, half an onion, a carrot and a half, a getting sad looking sweet yellow pepper. I got out my BRAND NEW non-stick skillet (don’t try this without a slicky surface) and after coring the tomatoes put them whole in the skillet and turned up the heat. Sliced the pepper and put strips of it in, peel side down. Same with big pieces of onion. And then just let them scorch, turning from time to time.

Scooped out the mushrooms and garlic while the mushrooms were still pretty firm, leaving the dregs of wine, oil and butter in the Dutch oven.  I peeled and sliced the carrot and dropped those pieces in the Dutch oven to start simmering in that juice. Then, as the veggies in the skillet started sizzling and the peels started curling back, I’d pull them out, de-skin them, chop and transfer them with their juices to the juices in the Dutch oven. When all the charred veggies were in the Dutch oven, I — what’s that word when you pour liquid in a hot pan to remove the residues? — well I did that to the skillet with the rest of the red wine, swished it around and dumped it into the Dutch oven. Added just a little salt, and about a tablespoon of granulated sugar. I tasted it after a few minutes. Heaven! So I put a lid on it, turned off the fire, and came in here to share with you.  OK, I refuse to edit. I’ve got to go do laundry. mwah!

4 responses to “But I’m also cooking…

  1. Vicky, I remember you and our conversation. So happy to hear you’re out of the box and up in the mountains, at least part of the time. Ecuador! Wow. And people thought I was adventurous. Adelante, amiga!

  2. Amiga! Wish you could be here to share.

  3. I’m smelling and tasting it. Yum!

  4. vickyv1950@gmail.com

    Perfect!!!! You inspire me to 1) cook which is Not my best habit; 2) to write from heart & Life. We met in Lubbock & I seriously Considered coming to Puerto Villearta (sp) Instead I’m falling in love with a small village Mostly Quechua in Ecuador. Who would’ve Thought as we sat together in that Methodist Mtg talking about the Divine Feminine!!! Thx four inspiration to leap out-of-my-box!!!!

    Lubbock, TX & Cotacachi, Ecuador

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