Poetically speaking, she nails it

Wow, I remember starting questions with, “Sorry…” This girl at least recognizes her tendency to do that.  OK? Let’s start to NOT do that.


3 responses to “Poetically speaking, she nails it

  1. Millie, what a beautiful poem! I hope people follow the link and read it. The first lines really caught my heart. And Rahla, you’ve been empowering girls and everyone around you forEVER!! And doing a great job of it. Thank you both for commenting.

  2. Thanks for this Susan. As a new mum, I am busy working on what I am and trying to let she will be just happen. My mum taught me unconditional love but forgot to use it on herself… Here is a poem that is about the way children learn from us, which is poignant for me in many ways. I hope you enjoy xxx http://llerrah.com/whenyouthoughtiwasntlooking.htm

  3. Wow, Susan. This is blockbuster stuff.


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