Longing for clarity.

This is my last Facebook post.

Well, sort of.

I’ve decided that if I have anything worth saying, I’ll say it here in my blog. A notice will go up on my Facebook timeline, so at least you’ll know I’m still around. If you want to engage with what I’m saying, join me here, at Virgin Territory. I just can’t swim in the Facebook newsfeed any longer. That river is polluted.

If you are specially dear to me, (especially people who make me laugh) I will go to your timeline and see what you’ve been doing, but I don’t have to know everything about everybody I love every day. Frankly, it’s crazy-making. If it’s really important, call me. Or (old school) send me an email. I’ll stay connected in those wonderful closed groups, where I’ve made really dear friends who have common interests. You may also be able to reach me on Messenger. I get little dingdings when someone posts there, and that’s the only way I’m connected to some of you. But life in the mainstream newsfeed, for me, is OVER.

The last two months or so I’ve been pretty much off the grid. It’s amazing how refreshing it was.

Mid April, I left for the Holy Land with a group of ten other women for two weeks of exploring places particularly associated with the women who played major roles in the life of Christ Jesus. I have lots of photos and stories I’ll be writing about.

While I was in Israel, I got a call from Larry. You know, he-who-would-rather-be-shot-than- get-on-an-airplane. He had booked us on a cruise. It was leaving May 10, just a few days after my return home. It was on the Norwegian Bliss, an inaugural voyage of two weeks, out of Miami, through the Panama Canal, landing (is that the right word?) in Los Angeles.

OK! I’ve got my bucket list. He’s got his. Glad he wants me to go along with him.

It was amazing. We went with friends Virginia and George, the people who bought our house in Guayabitos. Virginia found these fabulous fares, which were evidently offered at the last minute to fill that huge ship COMPLETELY. Onboard, we met people who had booked this journey almost two years before, when construction on the Bliss had begun. They’d paid almost three times what we did, for the same accommodations. All in all, we were a total of 4,000 passengers from all over the world. Ports of call were Cartagena in Colombia, then through the Canal, Puerto Arenas in Costa Rica, Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta (fun being there as a tourist, instead of getting the car fixed or going to COSTCO), and Mazatlán (which I’d never seen before and with which I was very favourably impressed!).

I flew home from Los Angeles and Larry flew to New York with George and Virginia. From there he joined up with his friend Danny, who was taking his boat on its last trip before it was sold. So this is the year for Larry to go through canals. He’s been through the Erie Canal twice in the last two weeks. He’s headed home (as I write) and will be here in San Miguel this afternoon.

I’m ready to have him home and I look forward to spending some time reconnecting and reassessing. There have been deaths — the public ones that have hit us all hard. Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. There have been deaths closer to home. I need some time to think. I need some time to pray.

There’s nothing like treading stones that have been there for millennia, dipping back into first century Christianity at its roots, and then having hours to gaze at ocean and horizon with no internet, news or interruptions. A poem of Langston Hughes was quoted in an inspirational article I read yesterday in the Christian Science Monitor. The poem’s title is “Suicide’s Note.” It has only three lines:

The calm,
Cool face of the river
Asked me for a kiss.

I get that. I think a lot of us do. But that kiss leaves ripples the size of tsunamis in the psyches of those left on the river banks. I can’t believe personal peace can be gained when it leaves such turmoil in its wake.

So this is my prayer for today:

Make me a river. I will do all I can to keep the current of my thought clear, strong and approachable. Navigable. A blessing, not a danger, to those I come near. Make me mindful of my unpolluted source. Let me honour it always, and in all ways.

15 responses to “Longing for clarity.

  1. Good morning, Treasured Friend! So glad to hear of your travels, more special to read your inspired thoughts & prayer! Bob & I just returned from our last visit to New Orleans. I did a lot of expunging old history— that’s where Cristi was born and some growing from difficult experiences took place. So more forgiving was needed, but better was gratitude for all the blessings that have led me to a better outlook, a more appreciative attitude. Bob & I are so much more in tune than ever! And we both were happy to be back in Tucson— dry heat and all!

    A good group of Church friends embraced Bible Study last September— so much sharing of insights, joy of exploring a variety of translations, etc. My new favorite version is The Voice Bible. We decided to break for summer, but Wednesday testimonials are genuine and from the heart! People here are not trying to put on a show and the “Be Kind” movement here in Tucson is very apparent!

    Our neighbors in our community are appreciative of the help we offer — we’ve taken care of school-age kids when unexpected popped up, and the reciprocal help when we were tech-challenged was just fun! So joy & good surrounds us & we really feel at home in the best sense of that! So that’s a little update — if you and Larry are in our new region, our BBLD (bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner) is available for booking!

    So grateful for your friendship! Love & hugs! ❣️💕 🌵🐢🐢🌵

    Linda >

    • Makes me so happy to hear your voice here. This is the kind of news I know is going on in Arizona. Such a counterpoint to the stridency of what appears in headlines. I’m not going to be unaware of what transpires on “official” levels, but more and more I’m determined to stay in that clear, sweet stream of humanity where neighbors take care of those close by, and lift one another over the rough places.

  2. I just love your writing. I just love your worldly adventures. I just love you!

  3. Susan, So great to hear from you in this form. As always, your writing is so enjoyable, ringing words of truth and sparking reflective thought. Looking forward to more! Betsy

  4. Debra E Frazier

    Just what I needed to hear. As always Susan, straight to the heart.

  5. If Larry sailed the Erie, he went right through Little Falls. Lock 17. Used to be the highest lift lock in the world until one in China beat us. Love to Susan and will hopefully be able to figure out how to follow your blog. ❤️Demori

    • Sorry Susan. It’s Sharon not Shawon.

    • Shawon. Sounds like Bugs Bunny calling your name. Glad we’ve connected through our blogs, sweet SHARon. I can’t believe I haven’t pulled up a map of exactly where Larry was adventuring these last two weeks. Or where YOU live! I had you up in the Hudson Valley in my head, not on the Erie Canal. SO, it’s nice to know where everyone is now. I’ll re-aim my radar. Xoxo

  6. Chica – I was reflecting in similar channels today and wrote this piece on behalf of us all at InspiredToGive.org: https://inspiredtogive.org/doubling-down-on-belonging/ Much love to you – always!

    • Hi Carol. I thought I’d posted a reply to you day before yesterday! I’m more than a little rusty with this way of communicating. It’s not as free-wheeling or as easy to make posts as Facebook. But that’s also the main problem with Facebook. I get there and lose focus.

      I don’t think I realized you were the driving force behind Inspired To Give. Great work!

      Carol, you were one of the first ones in my corner. It’s comforting to have you there still.

  7. Penelope Eicher

    Beautiful prayer! I will post it … on my FRIDGE… You know, the old-fashioned place to share thoughts. Love you.

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