It’s 6:00 a.m. in Mexico, and my birthday started at noon yesterday — in Australia

I’m up early on a chilly San Miguel morning, counting blessings, one of which is having an awesome, multi-talented, multi-faceted group of friends spread all over the globe. They make me feel at home wherever any of us are.

Here are a few more:

I’m grateful that I realized in the shower this morning that what would make me really excited today is to go to La Mega or La Comer — whatever they call it these days — meet a friend for coffee, and treat myself to a brand new bottle of shampoo. That’s right. I’m just going to toss out what remains in that bottle of Suave and go crazy.

I’m grateful that Zack is sleeping once more through the night, and that the “kennel cough” is practically gone. I assume the neighbors are happy about that, too.

I’m grateful to have summer here at home for a change– a leisurely recovery time between travels. I’m grateful that all the street construction going on gives me a good excuse not to get out in traffic, and I don’t need to feel guilty about just staying home most days.

Pursuant to the above, I’m grateful for taxis.

And I’m grateful to snuggle back down in bed (now that the sun’s up) and catch a little more sleep.

6 responses to “It’s 6:00 a.m. in Mexico, and my birthday started at noon yesterday — in Australia

  1. I know a birthday beginning as this one did was wonderful!!

  2. Nuggets of gratitude and grace…you speak them, you think them, you write them, you are them.. You, celebrating life, focusing on a day’s quirky joys, and deserving of all things beautiful. Unmeasurable best wishes to you, on your birthday, in all ways…and always. ❤

  3. sounds like a great celebratory day. Enjoy! and Feliz cumpleaños!

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