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Keeping Company with Older Virgins

I miss my mom. I miss my mother-in-law. Both in their own ways gave me focus inspiration, and guidance. The relationships we had were not always comfortable, but now that they are both gone, and I look around the room at family dinners and don’t see anyone older than ME, I get a little panicky. Who made me the matriarch? I never even had children — except that sixty-five year old perpetual teenager I’ve been married to for 43 years this summer, who just started up his new Harley down in the basement and is going over to see someone who can make his pipes sound louder.

This blog has been centered, more or less, on experiences and examples illustrating what I call “virgin qualities.” Just to review, in case you don’t want to follow that link I went to a lot of trouble to insert, being “virgin” means being centered, untouched, un-invaded, whole, complete, and intact. Another virgin quality — being focused. In that regard, I have lately been a whole lot less than virginal. Witness these first two paragraphs.

I need practice. I need a good example.

I’ve found one. One of my mother-in-law’s best friends from long ago has been blogging. Joyce Wethe Robertson is in her nineties. I just found her blog through her daughter Robin, who is my Facebook friend. Robin posted photos of a trip to Catalina she and her mom took day before yesterday, and included a link to the blog post Joyce made about it. I read through it, and then, like one does after eating the first lichee nut fresh off the tree, (they happen to be in season here, but I digress) I went for another. And one after that. And one more. Pure delicious gold.  And she has enough posts to provide me a daily dose for weeks to come! How have I been missing these?

People have been asking me if I’m writing again.  Well, I’m making a stab at it. Sort of.  I feel like I entered one of those outer space wormholes last Christmas, and am just now emerging to …. well, I’m still not sure. So it’s good to hear a familiar voice, well-written, tightly focused words of encouragement, and have a laugh, as well.  So I say to those who want to read me, read Joyce for a while. Thanks, Joyce, for “being there.”

Here’s the link again: Getting Older is Getting Better, a blog by Joyce Wethe Robertson