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Adventures in Mexican Health Care

My husband Larry has been interned in the Centro Medico del Occidente in Guadalajara since April 8. I was without internet for the first week of that time, but once I got connected I started posting updates on my Facebook Notes page. I thought they were accessible to everyone, whether or not they had a FB account. I guess not. So I’m transferring them here to a more public place, minus the supportive and encouraging comments — which have meant the WORLD to us. Right now I’m writing from the middle of what some might imagine to be the worst nightmare ever. But my hope is that as we work our way through this experience, what we learn will be of help to others.

Our current need is outlined below — a notice we’ve put on internet bulletin boards and sent out in emails. Might as well post it here!

Laurence Michael Cobb
IMSS Number 5509470021
Bed 6123 in the Torre de Especialidades at the Centro Medico del Occidente on Belisario Dominguez in Guadalajara

 O Negative blood needed. Can only be donated at an IMSS Clinic which accepts donations and will transport the blood by ambulance to Centro Medico in Guadalajara. If donor is near Guadalajara, it is better to donate at the blood bank here at Centro Medico. All blood must be transported here. Those who donate will received two slips of paper. These should be scanned and sent as a pdf attachment to coreofthecorn@gmail.com. That is the address of Larry’s wife Susan. She must have the printed hard copy of these comprobantes in hand in order for surgery to be scheduled. If the donor is giving at Centro Medico, Susan will come down and take the comprobantes directly from you.

Larry Cobb is 64 years old, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where during four years of service, he gave blood every forty-five days. He and his wife Susan have been married for over forty years, and have lived in Mexico full time for almost five years. They live in Rincon de Guayabitos, north of Puerto Vallarta.

Donors should take with them picture identification which gives age. They must be over 18 and no more than 65.