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Are you with me, Sacajawea?

I totally misconnected with my friend Ann yesterday and last night, so I find myself tucked up this morning in a cozy cabin motel in the Columbia River Gorge.  I can hear a waterfall across the road, one of many I saw yesterday evening. In deepening twilight I made my way upriver, stopping to admire Bridal Veil Falls, Weewingee-something Falls, Multnomah Falls, and et. al. falls — too many and too numerous to mention. Mainly I was punching redial. Lewis and Clark had Sacajawea. I have neither GPS or bluetooth, only my Virgin mobile phone. I did finally connect with Ann, only after I’d checked into my current refuge and headed for a local diner – still open!

But for now I’m alone, and the voices of those who have gone before are in my head. No, not Lewis and Clark. Sacajawea, maybe. After all, it was the concept of the feminine divine that seemed to resonate most with the audience yesterday at SoulFood Books. Listening, being accessible, being there to help and encourage – that’s what the Virgin of Guadalupe stands for. That’s what we all need in a guide and guardian. That’s what brought me to this cozy place and gave me the opportunity to regroup and recover.

Yesterday I was at Soulfood Books in Redmond, WA, and the event was recorded!  Take a look.  I haven’t brought myself to watch the recording yet. It’s the first public speaking I’ve done for five years. Just comfort myself that I will get better. (Note to self: DO NOT start reading from the book. Half of your audience may take their laptops and lattes and leave.)  More opportunity on the horizon. This coming Thursday evening 7 PM, it’s Borders Bookstore at Oakway Center in Eugene, Oregon.