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Home and Heaven: In a City?

Right now I’m in San Miguel de Allende. Larry is “home” in rough-and- tumble La Penita on the coast. But I’m thinking about Detroit. And art. The city is considering selling the inventory of the Detroit Institute of the Arts. Wow. Talk about selling your soul!

What makes a city great? In very old times it was the height of the church spire or the height of the walls. Capitalism may have changed the focus to the skyscraper, but it still comes down to the fact that a city is known by what its citizens trust most. I trust art, and the Creative Force behind it. Yeah, I’m using capital letters there.

Years back, a friend pointed me in the direction of a lesser known work of Henry Drummond, who is best known for writing The Greatest Thing in the World, a perennial graduation or wedding shower gift about the power of love. Today I’m revisiting The City without a Church. Let me say quickly, that Drummond does not equate that to a city without a soul, but rather the opposite. (I can’t even find it on Amazon, but follow the link for a free online version in text form.) This article is not that well-known or well-promoted. The title may be a little too in-your-face and threatening for normal Christian outlets. But see if you don’t think the ideas are even more trenchant and needed today than ever before.