Virgin Territory: How I Found My Inner Guadalupe is the story of a leap of faith, a less than soft landing, and a grace-filled recovery.  Read excerpts and see a short video

Newly transplanted to a beach in Mexico, a move made on the spur of the moment, author Susan J. Cobb begins redefining herself, or rather discovering her unrealized potential.

From her kitchen window she can see a colorful concrete statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe installed at the end of a jetty.  Above the waves, covered with plastic flowers and seagull poop, the quiet stability of the Virgin statue becomes a metaphor for the author.

“Mary said ‘yes,'” she remembers. She didn’t say, “Wait a minute, I need to talk this over with Joseph. What are Mom and Dad going to say?” She said ‘yes,’ and moved into a whole new experience and identity. Saying, “yes,” is like that. It can change the world.

Drawing on Marian history, as well as Mexican feminine icons as diverse as the fierce goddess Coatlicue, the enigmatic Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and the comforting chubby La Michoacana, Susan weaves a tapestry of personal experience and Mexican history. Here is how her readers have responded —

Get your own copy of Virgin Territory: How I Found My Inner Guadalupe through this website, through Amazon, or download it on your Kindle.  If you’ve ever been an Amazon customer, I would be SO grateful if you’d write a review.  Even if  Virgin Territory isn’t top of your list, every review adds to the conversation. And you don’t have to BUY the book from Amazon in order to write a review of it.

If you are in Mexico buy your own copy at these bookstores and specialty shops.

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