Find your copy of Virgin Territory

I am so excited about the phenomenal places that have agreed to carry Virgin Territory. As we’re all aware, people who sell books these days have to be more than bookstores. Usually they are more like force fields in their communities. Each of the places listed below is a Guadalupe Gateway — a great place to enter Virgin Territory!

Diane Pearl

Gringo’s Bookstore
NV Bookstore

Chac Mool
Casa Pacifica B&B and coffee place. Here’s her Facebook Page

Sandi Bookstore

La Peñita de Jaltemba
Hamaca Maya
Xaltemba Restaurant and Gallery

Lo de Marcos
Clarita’s — no website, but everyone who speaks English knows where it is.

Nuevo Vallarta
NV Bookstore in Paradise Village

Puerto Vallarta
Peyote People
Tapiz, the gift shop at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

San Francisco (San Pancho)
Hotel Cielo Rojo
Entre Amigos

San Miguel de Allende
La Tienda at the Biblioteca

Sayulita Gypsy

In the United States

Lubbock, Texas
— Hey! I found my peeps in West Texas!
Odyssey Bookshop

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