We’ve Got a “Go”

It’s finally set. The operation will be Thursday, tomorrow. The Queen of Programming and another doctor just came in, took a blood sample and had Larry sign reams of papers. His surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mercado will be by either this afternoon or early tomorrow morning, to introduce himself and get acquainted with Larry before the operation. It’s got to be official, and it can’t be as hard as this time leading up to it. we have been here three weeks now. If you’re going to have by-pass surgery in Mexico, don’t try to do it around Semana Santa, and try not to have O negative blood.

I reached a nether point yesterday morning. We had come to the point of having exactly two O negative donors. We needed at least six, plus a platelets donor of the same blood type. If you read my blog entry from Monday night you know that I was thinking we had three in hand and three more on the horizon. It turns out one of those “in hand,” Pedro, was not O negative. Raquel was rejected again, and our friend Ruth — who arrived at six in the morning from La Peñita, turned out to be AB-, an even rarer kind of blood than O negative. Seems less than 1% of the Mexican population is O negative. We’ve had a total of six definite potential O negative donors rejected for one reason or another, including Marielena (whose mom passed on Easter Sunday morning), Marta, Wendy DeBoer, Teresa, Raquel, and one other from the Red Cross list. We have placed radio station announcements, gone to the military hospital, called the Harley Davidson HOGs organization here, contacted the American consulate, placed notices on community boards in all the gringo conclaves, called all the names on Red Cross donor lists. I’ve been busy and on an emotional roller coaster with each possibility that surfaced, and each who was rejected. I came to a really low point Tuesday morning with all the bad news.

Marta was there to witness the meltdown. I am so grateful for her presence and support. She’s been sleeping on the floor next to Larry’s bed every night, doing our laundry during the day, and running interference for me, because frankly these last few days my Spanish has gone south. I see people’s mouths moving, and I either can’t believe what they’re saying or I can’t understand it. Marta had bought a little plastic wind up dog for Larry, because he misses Zack (and Cody, too, but let’s not go there). You pull a string and the dog’s head nods up and down and his tail wags. Marta pulls it and says, “Make you hoppy, hoppy. No sad. Hoppy!”

Straight from the blood bank, Marta dragged me to the hospital director’s office where she helped me pour out our tale of woe. She has learned this place inside and out. The director was very helpful and agreed that the blood bank accept the five comprobantes bequeathed us by the other patient’s family. We just needed to get them processed through the blood bank director. Who told us they were copies. We needed to have the originals. I had taken Manuel’s cell phone number (he being the son who handed them over to me last Friday). We got through to him, wonder of wonders, because my cell phone has not worked well in these buildings. He explained that the blood bank had the originals. Lots of phone calls and confirmations later it was determined that yes indeed there were five units of O negative blood residing in the bank, and with the two we had from the gentlemen from Lake Chapala, we could go ahead. Plus, the director went into a long explanation of how he could acquire plaquetas — which I didn’t understand other than we don’t have to come up with a donor. He wrote a long letter in his own hand to the Queen of Programming, and Marta and I came back up to give Larry the good news,

Love us through tomorrow, friends and family. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your presence through prayer.

4 responses to “We’ve Got a “Go”

  1. I’ve been following your story Susan & send you & Larry all our love, support & prayers as he goes through surgery. Wilf & I do not have the right blood types or would have offered that as well.

  2. Larry, so good to har the news, the load on my heart has been lifted. Praying all goes well with the operation and we will get to ride again with you this winter.
    Brad & Dar
    Burnaby B C
    (winter home Guyabitos)

  3. love, love, love you both…but more importantly, God is present as wisdom, precision, grace, and strength…and She love you with all of Her being…always, k.

  4. Know that you are blessed and protected.

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